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Cash Flow Model for Private Equity

Forecasting of Private Equity Cash Flows

BOSTON (Bow-Speed Time-Option Normalized) - a proprietary model for forecasting of private equity cash flows.

Main features:  

  • Founded on sound economic principles and broad empirical support.
  • Combines the intuition of the Takahashi-Alexander model (2002) with our own research insights, resulting in a robust approach that addresses the needs of the vast majority of investors in private equity partnerships. 
  • Incorporates the volatility of the underlying investments to give a more informed investment performance picture, reflecting the inherent uncertainty of investment cash flows. 
  • Provides LPs with a measure of the magnitude of potential cash flow shortages in relation to future liabilities (redemptions, pension outlays, capital expenditure, unfunded commitments). 
  • Allows GPs to predict the amount and variation of future distributions to optimize capital call schedules and deal flow, as well as efficiently plan the capital resources. 


Please contact us if you would like to see a demo of our model.